Garment and textile firms ready to export face masks to US, Europe
Garment and textile firms ready to export face masks to US, Europe garment
VOV.VN - The export of face masks can be considered as a ‘last-gasp’ for local garment and textile firms to compensate for the loss in revenue from export orders that have either been delayed or canceled by foreign partners as a result of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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This comes after Garment 10 Corporation Joint Stock Company received an export order for 400 million medical face masks to be delivered by July.

In addition, the company has also received export orders from both Germany and the United States to manufacture 200 million antibacterial cloth masks.

Furthermore, TNG is also looking to export batches of face masks to Europe over the course of a month by sending millions of antibacterial nano cloth masks to France, Belgium, and Germany.

Nguyen Van Thoi, chairman of TNG Investment and Trading Joint Stock Company, said there remains plenty of room for firms to export antibacterial cloth masks to the US market in the coming months due to widespread demand.

This comes after TNG donated 500 antibacterial nano cloth masks to the New York City Police Department on April 6. However, in order to make further inroads into the US market, the company is required to obtain certificates confirming the quality of their products issued by the US Food and Drug Administration. The process of being granted the correct certifications is due to be complete next week.

Thoi also unveiled plans to be able to produce medical face masks by mid-May due to the company moving to import raw materials for production with production lines being installed over the course of the next 40 days.

Than Duc Viet, general director of Garment 10 Corporation, said that export orders of face masks account for approximately 30% of their revenue this year, helping ensure the jobs of roughly 12,000 workers.

Similarly, TNG’s domestic sales during the first quarter reached more than VND63 billion, an increase of 10% against the same period last year, the majority of which was contributed from the production of face masks.

Aside from making face masks, firms have also shown a desire to create production lines in order to manufacture protective suits which has served to open up the prospect of boosting exports in the remainder of the year.

There remains a number of obstacles that enterprises must overcome in order to export face masks or protective clothing, said the TNG Chairman. 

During a meeting on April 13, the National Steering Committee for the COVID-19 Prevention and Control affirmed that it will be encouraging the export of these products only after domestic demand is sufficiently met and when enterprises are being proactive in seeking raw materials for production.